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    Auger bits set OREN Quattro 7 pcs

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    1.408 kg

    Product description

    Set of 7 pcs with auger bits quattro

    Included diameters: 16 + 19 +22 + 25 + 28 + 32 + 35 mm


    • Twist tip allows easy sinking into the wood - small resistance while drilling prolongs the battery life of the drill.
    • All 4 blades take away drilled material evenly and the drilling is fast and clean, no tearing of wood fibers appeares.
    • They are 6 times faster at drilling than regular flat wood drills and they also have the accuracy of an auger bit and are heat treated for longer life.

    Application: Assembly work for wooden buildings - holes for cables and pipes, holes for threaded rods, work on trusses. Ideal for drilling holes for pins, drilling holes in beams.

    Used in: soft and hard wood

    Packed in: Metal case

    Product Parameters

    Contents (tool type):
    Auger bits Quattro
    Included sizes:
    16 + 19 +22 + 25 + 28 + 32 + 35 mm
    Type of packaging:
    Metal case

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