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    Sending a complaint is an easy way to let us know that there has been a problem processing your order or using the goods we have delivered, as well as the fastest way to resolve it..

    We will do our best to put everything in order.

    Basic information:

    • Send the complaint either by e-mail or by the complaint form. Please fill in all the necessary information.
    • What is important for each type of the complaint is listed below.
    • As soon as we receive your complaint, we will confirm to you and start working on its solution.
    • If necessary, we will ask you for additional information.
    • If everything is clear, you will receive a report from us within a week on the outcome of the complaint procedure and, if the complaint is accepted, a proposal for its solution.



    If you find out that the package is damaged (torn or heavily deformed),

    We ask you kindly:

    1. to accept the parcel and then comunicate with us.
    2. By phone or by e-mail let us know all details about the damage.
    3. Please take some photographs .

    Also do not forget:

    1. Ask the courier to write a report about the damage.
    2. Check the report if it contains all the important information.
    3. Take a photograph of the parcel before unpacking.
    4. Check the contain of the parcel.
    5. If something is missing or damaged, fill in and send us a complaint form or e-mail and attach the information including the written report by the courier. Attach also the photographs you have taken. This will make it easier for us to negotiate with the transport company.
    6. We will send you the replacement for the damaged goods or missing items.


    The parcel is not damaged, but it seems that it is not complete, some ordered items are missing?

    • Compare the contents of the shipment with the enclosed delivery note or the invoice, which we sent to you by e-mail. If the package contains everything that is stated on the document, the shipment is complete. However, it is possible that part of the order has not yet been processed and will be sent to you later. Ordered but not yet shipped items are listed at the bottom of the invoice or you can have them confirmed by our invoices. Contact here.
    • If the content of the document does not match the content of the package, fill in complaint form or send us e-mail.
    • Do not forget to show following:
      1. The No.of the order, the delivery note or the invoice.
      2. Which items in which quantities are missing or unexpected.
      3. According to your needs - we will either send you the missing goods or adjust the bill (we will return the payment for the undelivered items).


    When assessing complaints regarding defects in the goods and their damage during the use, we rely on the following legal provisions:

    • The warranty period for the purchase of products by a private person is 24 months, by a physical and legal person 12 months.
    • The warranty period runs from the date of purchase, ie the date of the invoice issuing.
    • The warranty only covers manufacturing defects, it does not cover defects caused by the user or normal wear and tear of the tool.

    If the goods show manufacturing defects or have been damaged, eg. due to a material defect, you have the opportunity to send us the complaint.

    • Take 2-3 photos of the claimed goods. One of them should clearly show what kind of goods it is (for example, the ordering No., the diameter stamped on the shank or the enclosed package with the visible label). Next, the detail of the damaged part should be visible (eg. fractured site, tip damage, etc.)
    • Please fill the complaint form or send to our e-mail.
    • Do not forget to state following:
      1. Our No. of the order, delivery note or the invoice, the date of the purchase.
      2. The goods you are complaining about - ideally our ordering No. or at least the exact specifications (eg. SDS-max drill bit diameter 20 mm, length 400 mm).
      3. How do you wish to resolve the complaint - we will either exchange the goods or provide you with financial compensation.
      4. Please add the photographs.
      5. If the information provided by you is sufficient, we will assess the complaint on the basis of photographs. Nevertheless, we ask you to keep the damaged goods until the complaint is settled. In exceptional cases, we may ask you to send it to us.

    The conditions of the complaint are governed by the business conditions.


    Complaint form

    Complaint form OREN (PDF)

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