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    SDS-max shank

    Crown drills are an ideal tool  for electricians and heating engineers. They are irreplaceable when drilling holes for electrical installation boxes, but they can also be used to make wall openings in order to route pipes or cables.


    You can choose from three groups of core drills for large SDS-max electropneumatic hammers. Each of them offers certain advantages, the choice depends only on your preferences:

    • Modular kits (ordering No. 1994) - cost effective - modular core drills with MK offered either as kits or as individual components (crown, clamping, centering drill)
    • Robust compact core drills (ordering No. 1997) - in which the chuck and the hole saw form one unit,  the tools can therefore withstand extreme loads and are characterized by the long service life.
    • Hole saws from VARIANT modular drilling system components - Like compact core drills, their construction has a very high quality. The main advantage is the universal use of the individual components of the hole saw for other VARIANT system assemblies. Thanks to the possibility of changing the hole saw adapter, you can also use these hole saws in electropneumatic hammers that have adapters other than SDS-max.



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