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    Subland drill HSS-Co. 90°, M10

    Combined tool for drilling and deburring in one step

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    Product description

    Subland drill HSS-Co. 90°

    • Combined tool made of HSS Co 5% for drilling and deburring in one working step
    • Used to drill a hole for the screw while creating space for countersinking its head
    • Centering tip – no pre-drilling or punching required
    • This type is used for the countersunk screws


    Steel and cast alloyed and non-alloyed, German silver, cast iron, nonferrous metals, V2A stainless steel, V4A stainless steel and steel with strength up to 1100 N / mm2, but also for non-metallic materials – all types of wood, chipboard, plywood and plastic. The tool can be used in both the chuck and the collet.

    Used in: engineering, automotive industry, wood and furniture industry and in various craft and assembly fields.

    Note: when drilling the speed must be adjusted according to the hardness of the material. The following applies: the higher the hardness, the lower the speed. The step drill speed should be set slightly lower than the speed recommended for the drilling with standard drills of the same diameter. When drilling in metal, we recommend using cutting paste or oil.

    Product Parameters


    For the screw size
    M 10
    20,5 mm
    Drill diameter
    10,5 mm
    Drill length 1
    23 mm
    Total length
    90 mm
    Shank diameter
    12 mm

    Product group´s parameters:

    Countersink angle
    Shank type
    Made of:
    HSS-Co. 5%

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