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    Bi-metal hole saw OREN HSS-Co. 8% 68 mm

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    Product description

    Bimetall hole saws Co 8% are drilling tools with an extremely wide range of use.

    • Unlike HSS bimetall hole saws, cobalt bimetal hole saws can also be used in metals with strengths higher than 700N / m2, stainless steel and Hardox steel (up to 1000N / mm2). However, they are less suitable for other materials (plasterboard, wood, etc.).
    • Thanks to a number of different adapters, it is possible to use cordless screwdrivers, hand and stand drills as well as small electropneumatic hammers.


    • material: HSS Co. 8%
    • cutting depth 40-45 mm
    • variable teeth distribution
    • hole saws from a diameter of 32 mm are with a thread size 5/8 "- 18 UNF

    What to combine with:

    • Depending on the diameter of the hole saw and the tools you work with, the hole saw must be combined with the appropriate type of adapter (ordering No. 5102)
    • All adapters we offer are supplied with a pilot bit. However, you can also buy the pilot bit separately if  necessary (ordering No. 5103)
    • For better removal of the drilled material from the hole saw,  we recommend attaching a compression spring to the pilot bit (ordering No. 5105-2)
    • If the drilled material is less accessible, it is possible to use an extension for Bi-Metal hole saws  (ordering No. 5104)


    • before drilling, check the recommended speed (see speed table) and when drilling into metal, use a cooling medium (cutting oil or emulsion)

    Used in: Alloyed and non-alloyed steels (up to 1.000 N/mm strength), Hardox steel, high chromium alloyed steels such as stainless steel, steels resistant to rusts and acids, non-ferrous and light metals.

    Supplied with plastic hangers.

    Product Parameters


    68 mm
    thread 5/8" - 18

    Product group´s parameters:

    Use in material:
    Steel including stainless steel, iron, cast iron, stained and light metals
    Designed for:
    aku-screwdrivers, hand drills, stand drills
    made of:
    HSS-Co. 8 %
    Type of shank:
    1/2" - 20 UNF or 5/8" - 18 UNF
    Available sizes:
    14 - 210 mm

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