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    Bi-metal hole saw OREN HSS 67 mm

    Drilling tool with wide range of uses, for various materials.

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    Product description

    Bimetall hole saws are drilling tools with an extremely wide range of uses.

    • They are used in building industry (drilling in plasterboard), furniture production (through holes in wood and various types of boards) and in working with metals and plastic.
    • Thanks to a number of different adapters, it is possible to use cordless screwdrivers, hand and stand drills as well as small electropneumatic hammers.

    In our offer you will find both types of hole saws from HSS (high-speed steel) and from HSS-Co. 8% (cobalt). Depending on the material you want to drill into, choose the right type:

    • HSS hole saws are ideal for drilling in plasterboard, wood and plastic. They can be used in metal up to a material hardness of 700 N / mm2
    • Cobalt hole saws can be used in metals with a strength of up to 1000 N / mm2 and also in stainless steel and hardox. However, they are less suitable for other materials like plasterboard, wood, etc.


    • cutting depth 40-45 mm
    • variable teeth distribution
    • hole saws from a diameter of 32 mm are with a thread size 5/8 "- 18 UNF

    What to combine with:

    • Depending on the diameter of the hole saw and the tools you work with, the hole saw must be combined with the appropriate type of adapter (ordering No. 5102)
    • All adapters we offer are supplied with a pilot bit. However, you can also buy the pilot bit separately if  necessary (ordering No. 5103)
    • For better removal of the drilled material from the hole saw,  we recommend attaching a compression spring to the pilot bit (ordering No. 5105-2)
    • If the drilled material is less accessible, it is possible to use an extension for Bi-Metal hole saws  (ordering No. 5104)


    • before drilling, check the recommended speed (see speed table) and when drilling into metal, use a cooling medium (cutting oil or emulsion)

    Used in: alloyed and non-alloyed steels with strength up to 700N / m2, stainless steels A2, iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics, wood, wood with nails, coated chipboard, plasterboard

    Product Parameters


    67 mm
    thread 5/8" - 18

    Product group´s parameters:

    Use in material:
    Plasterboard, wood, plastics, sheet metal
    Designed for:
    aku-screwdrivers, hand drills, stand drills
    made of:
    Type of shank:
    1/2" - 20 UNF or 5/8" - 18 UNF
    Available sizes:
    14 - 210 mm

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