How to buy?

Ordering via e-shop

Selection of goods from the catalogue

Several ways to find products in our e-shop:

  1. Selecting the primary category on the front page (e.g. "metal drilling"), and then individual subcategories/items, until the required product is found.
  2. Selecting from tool groups for particular purposes
  3. If you are looking for a certain group of drilling tools or a particular item from our catalogue and you know the order No., it is possible to use a shortcut in full text search. Please enter the search term (e.g. chisel) or order No. (e.g.2120) at the top left-hand corner of the website and click the magnifying glass icon.

Adding items to the basket

Goods can be placed in the basket even if you are not logged in.

After you enter the selected items, please select required size (diameter) and click the circle at the beginning of the line to confirm. Under the table you will see the price options and slightly below the basket icon. Next to the basket icon you need to enter the number of ordered pieces. The No. 1 is just preset for your convenience. If you want to order different quantities, it is necessary to rewrite it. After clicking this basket icon, item is added to your basket.

After entering the items in the basket the total value of the purchase and the No. of selected items will show.

Fast purchase

For those who know ordering No. of our products and do not need to view individual items with technical data, they can use FAST PURCHASE. It allows selecting individual items on the base of their ordering No. without going to those items individualy. Please click the blue box on the left of our websites. The form will open and you simply add the ordering No. and confirm. The line with the name of the product, the price and the information about availability will appeare. You just add the No. of pcs you want to purchase. This way you can place the order containing a big No. of items very quickly.

Checking items in your basket and possible changes

To check purchased items please use the icon "BASKET", which is placed in the top bar on the right. You can change the No. of pcs in the basket or deleate certain item by clicking the cross.

You can check all individual items in the basket: price, offered disscount, availability, ordered quantity and total price for the order. At the same time you can check the transport cost.

Sending the order

After you have checked all data in your basket and you want to confirm the order, you need to fill in all billing and delivery detail information.

Registered customers: in case you are already registered and before ordering also loged in, your registration data are automatically completed. In case you were not loged in, you can do it additionaly and all your data will be transfered to the form. At the same time all prices will be checked and all your offered discounts and other conditions will be taken in account.

Unregistered customers: the order can be sent without permanent registration in our e-shop. In this case all the information (marked *) must be filled in. Note: unregistered customers can not use our system of tracking their packages.

Select the type of transport and click "SEND THE ORDER".

You will receive automatic response about receiving your order. We will inform you about the delivery time individualy within 24 hours.

Ordering by phone or by fax

In case you prefer different ways of ordering, you can use following possibilities:

Ordering by phone*

We can be contacted in following opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 8-16

mobile: +420 722 058 479
fax No.: +420 474 683 587

Fax orders*

Fax orders accepted non-stop:
+420 474 683 587

Ordering by e-mail*

Your orders or inquiries can be sent by e-mail: /

For the best processing please do not forget to identify required items (the best is to use our ordering No.) and complete your full contact details:

  • Delivery address including postcode
  • Your telephone No., so we can contact you to complete the information if necessary
  • For billing documents please fill in your VAT No. and the full name of your company.

Why choose us for your drilling tools?

  1. 1Wide range of drilling tools
  2. 2Most items in stock.
  3. 3Short delivery times.
  4. 4Physical store with drilling tools.
  5. 5Support and advice when selecting drilling tools.
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