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SDS-max drill bit HardRock

high quality hammer drill bit designed for professional use suitable for rotary hammers with SDS-max clamp drill head has X-shaped carbide tips with one main and two additional blades 4-cutter head allows exact spot drilling and due to the reduced vibrations it eliminates the elliptical shaped holes, it also increases the drilling comfort spiral consists of four slots, they allow high spee… … more

HSS tube and sheet drills, spiral fluted

This type of drill is provided with a helical groove, which reduces the frictional resistance of the tool during the drilling. This contributes to a quieter performance and reduces the heating of the tool. The chips created during the drilling are continuously transported off and the sharpness of the blade maintains longer. The tip has a split point, which allows an easy drilling. 3-point grip on … … more

HSS-Bi-metal hole saws with countersink for Cavity Wall Socket Boxes

When installing wiring boxes in plasterboard, wood, chipboard or OSB panels, the peripheral ring of the wiring box always protrudes.This special bi-metal hole saw with countersink makes it possible to mount the box flush with the wall in one step.A bi-metal hole saw with central drill bit and drill chuck can be used to create the required aperture, while the special countersink ring with tungsten … … more

Tungsten carbide rotary burrs (TC)

High-performance tungsten carbid rotary burrs with cross toothing.The cross toothing provides a high cutting capacity and allows good finish of materials, which are not easy to work with.To deburr, break edges, trim, process welding joints, surface machining, for finishing castings Appliacation: high-alloy steels, rust-restistant steel, acid-resistant steels, heat-resistant steels, die casts… … more

Sales modules OREN – are well organized and save space

Our sales modules offer the opportunity to present tools according all needs of each shop. The individual modules contain the best selling items and the most frequent dimensions. Different groups of tools are color coded. All items are indicated on the label and clearly visible from a distance. The ordering No. and size is indicated above each hook. There is a space for bar codes and prices o… … more

Drilling in concrete up to 150 mm diameter? - No problem

Do you need to drill in masonry, concrete or stone and the diameter of common SDS-plus or SDS-max drills are too small for you? You can use our system VARIANT – Variable drilling system allows to drill any diameter up to 150mm. Drilling depth depends on additional extensions (virtually  unlimited) but you have to take into account the strength of your pneumatic hammer.     … more

Wood drill bits – in professional and hobby quality

Auger wood drill bits can be purchased in our e-shop in three different qualities. CrV steel, roll forged fully ground  with TCT head We try to satisfy customers from good price point of view and also from the point of view regarding high quality. … more

HSS-G twist drills TURBO - drilling into metal has never been faster

HSS-G twist drills, fully ground are made of high speed steel and offer extremely quick drilling due to the specially ground point. Supplied in gold-black finish, for details see our e-shop. … more

Self-feed forstner bits

Are you working in the wood construction field? Simply you can not do without this type of drill. … more

Forstner bits up to 100 mm diameter

We offer forstner bits up to 100 mm diameter. … more

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